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Our product portfolio

When it comes to meaurement of liquid, vaporous or gasious media in pipelines an vessels, for more than 65 years we have been your reliable partner for alle methods related to the precise determination of temperature, pressure, level and flow.

With our high quality equipment we are able to produce the most suitable solution for any application in power plants, refineries, chemical plants and others. Our enginieering team will find a professional solution for any procedural challenge. Primary measurement devices, which are designed to the specific requirements of its operator thereby create the precondition for reliable measurements.

Temperature Measuerement

For your temperature measurement we produce thermowells for electric and mechanic measurement element made form all materials including coatings. Upon request we can also offer the adequate meauring transducer.


Pressure Measurement

Considering pressure measurement we have various sampling tubes in our portfolio that correspond to various DIN standards. With our tubes and sockets we provide you with the easiest and safest way to conduct your pressure measurement of vapour,gas and liquids.


Level Measurement

Our pressure vessels are built according to your specific requirements either as condensing vessel, float level switch vessel or reference vessels for level measurement in all pressure stages and materials upt to 1 m³ in size.


Flow Measurement

Our throttle devices for flow measurement are based on the differential pressure method. Depending on the specific requirement we design adequate measuring sections, measuring orifices and measuring nozzles as well as venturi tubes and venturi nozzles.


Mounting Parts

For each application area of measurement equipment we also offer a wide range of supplemental assembly parts, such as limiting devices, multipurpose vessels, copensating containers and versatile mounting materials.


You can find further product details in the respective data sheets Download Center