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Pressure Measurement

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HomeProductsPressure Measurement

Pressure Measurement

Pressure Tapping

Pressure tapping is an essential part of the pressure measurement in general and of the differential pressure measurement in particular. The pressure tapping procedure is effectually defined for different executions. Pressure tapping connectins PN 100 (according to DIN 16282, 16284 and 16270) as well as possible accessories for gases, fluids and vapors are part of our standard product range. Standard accessories comprise manometer connecting pipes in U-, O-, arch- and straight shape as well as syphon according to GBL 81535.

Measurement Setup

In order to determine the appropriate measurement setup, besides of the position of the measurement device in relation to the tapping connection, the precise composition and aggregate state of the medium is pivotal. Moreover, the aggrgate state of the filler medium at ambient temperature as well as – where applicable - the difference of level between tapping connection and measurement device with a displacment of the initial measuring value are of importance. We are happy to consult with you regarding the determination of the most suitable alternative regarding the prevailing standards.

Product Line Temperature Measurement