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Temperature Measurement

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HomeProductsTemperature Measurement

Temperature Measurement

Thermowells & Temperature Sensors

Thermowells are used to keep a process from its surrounding. They are pressurized and sealing and therefore one of the most important components of the measurement process. Aggressive media as well as high presures are kept away from the temperature sensor by the thermowell. Thermowells are utilized in various applications.


Multiple thermowells are build up emenating from the pipe that is sealed at the tip with a welded base piece. The process is connected by a male connector, piece or flange. One-piece thermowells are produced from massive round or hexagonal bar stock. Each of the alternatives has its own advantage and disadvantages concerning its construction and fastening with regards to load limits and utilizable special materials.

Special Materials

Especially when thermowells are used under high stress, a range of special materials can be used in order to make the thermowells resistant with regard to the individual requirements. Since our production is specialized in the processing of special material, we have a wide range of materials on stock. Among others we provide qualified experience in te processing of thermowells made from:

 • Monel                              • Hastelloy                             • Incoloy
 • Tantal • Titan • Zirkonium

If necessary PTFE or PFA coatings as well as stilite can also enhance the pipe's characteristics. These coatings are applied for the use of acids, lyes and other aggressive media. The advantage of thermowells made from special materials in contrat to pipes with coatings is the relative impassivity towards mechanic damage.

Product Line Temperature Measurement


Thermowells according to DIN 43772 and thermowells made from special materials


Multiple thermocouples and resistence thermometers

Temperature Sensors

Fast response temperature sensors, weld-in temperature sensors and high temperature sensors