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Precision starts with meticulous planning

In order to find the ideal solution for your requirements, depending on the product we start with the calculation for the instrument design.

Our services comprise calculations for primary devices and thermowells. Thermowell calculations are conducted according to ASME standards. Calculations for primary devices are coducted with our own software and operates in dependence of DIN standards.

Thermowell calculation

Accoring to ASME PTC 19.3

We offer calculations as stress analysis/vibration analysis as well as for optimization purposes of the thermowells. The calculation procedure considers the geometry, assembly situation and flow conditions. There are different thermowell geometries that must be differentiated. The installation length is always considered vertically to the flow direction, since here the biggest forces emerge. Furthermore, the installation length of the connection piece must be taken into account.

Possible Types

Calculation Types

There are two types of calculation that are differentiated: the stress analysis, i.e. vibration analysis and the calculation or optimization purposes.

Stress Analysis / Vibration Analysis

  • Static: max. permissible operting pressure, max. permissible operating temperature
  • Dynamic: natural frequency, stimulated frequency, frequency ratio

Design optimization

  • Static: the thermowell geometry is adapted to the max. permissible operating conditions (diameter / wall thickness)
  • Dynamic: Form, diameter and lengths, reduction of the freely vibratiing length through collaring

The results are clearly arranged and documented.

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Primary Device Calculation

With FlowCal according to DIN EN ISO 5167 - Section 1-4 / VDI 2040 and 2041

With the calculation program FlowCal we can accurately calculate promary devices according to DIN EN ISO 5167 and VDI 2040/2041 standards. For promary devices included in the calibration regulations, we can optionally consider the increased requirements of the Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology.

Due to the user-friendly handling, we offer the FlowCal software as a licsensed version for sale. If you have further questions, please contact our sales team.

Calculable primary devices with FlowCal:

  • Orifice with corner tapping
  • Orifice with flange tapping
  • Orifice wit D-D/2 tapping
  • Segmental orifice
  • ISA-1032 nozzle
  • Long radius nozzle
  • Quarter circle nozzle
  • Venturi nozzle
  • Venuri tube with adapted inlet
  • Venturi tube with welded inlet
  • Segmental weir section
  • Multi-hole orifice
  • Double conical orifice
  • Cylinder probe
  • Pressure averaging flow probe
  • Flow coefficient C
  • Flow rate o

Calculation Types

    Design calculation (exempt of cylinder probes and averaging flow probes): Qm and dp is given, sougth is d
  • Recalculation for differential pressure: given is d an Qm, sought is dp
  • Recalculation of flow: given is d and dp, sought is Qm
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